Vonage Streamlines Multi-Channel Communication via New Conversation API

Vonage, a provider of business cloud communication services, has announced a new API that is designed to provide developers with the tool necessary for creating and managing conversations across various messaging channels in real-time. The new Conversation API is the latest addition to the Vonage API Platform and helps to streamline communication across not only disparate channels but also devices.

Engaging with multiple communication streams (e.g., messaging, voice, or video) is not only frustrating for end-users that have to repeatedly provide redundant information, but it can also be extremely costly for service providers. The Vonage Conversation API allows companies to contextualize interactions with users, allowing the customer’s journey to flow more seamlessly. This helps to improve the customer experience while reducing complexity for developers managing various messaging systems. Roland Selmer, VP of Product Management for Vonage, noted in the product announcement that:

“Brands are increasingly competing on customer experience and those that resonate the most with today’s customers are those that meet them where they are and where they feel the most comfortable - whether that’s messaging, voice, video or social.”

Vonage acquired Nexmo, a cloud communication API provider, in 2016 and had since used the Nexmo name for many of its APIs. Vonage is now branding all APIs and products under the Vonage name. The Vonage Conversation API is currently in beta. Interested developers can check the documentation here

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