Voting Information Project: Bringing 21st Century Technology to U.S. Elections

The United States Presidential Election of 2012 is going to be held in less than six months. With this important election fast approaching, it is very important that voters in every state have access to accurate election information. The Voting Information Project is an organization that "offers cutting edge technology tools to provide voters with access to customized election information to help them navigate the voting process and cast an informed vote." Cutting edge technology tools offered by the Voting Information Project include the Voting Information Project API, a Google "Find My Polling Place" Gadget as well as other various projects.

Voting Information Project

These tools help voters find the election information they need such as the correct polling location, how to navigate the voting process and what issues are on the ballot.

The Voting Information Project API allows state election divisions to publish accessible voting information data using an open format. The API uses RESTful calls and data responses are available in XML and JSON format. The API provides information on polling places, candidates, deadlines, rules, regulations and more. There are API samples available for Android, JavaScript, .Net and iOS available on the official website.

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