Votizen is to Politics What Facebook is to Friends

The Votizen API aims to get friends to involve their friends in supporting candidates. The API website notes that the API is entirely based on HTTP. Votizen is based on the premise that, "Voters are more likely to listen to friends than campaign volunteers." Votizen is the first "social campaigning Platform built entirely on personal connections."

Here's how it works. Campaign managers or candidates themselves get a link to share with supporters. Those supporters sign in, identifying the social networks they use (Fecebook, Linkedin, Twitter). They then get an account, and are given lists of voters to turn out, one of people likely to support your candidate and a list of voters to persuade. Supporters choose which friends they want to reach out to and can send a personal message with one click. Messages are sent privately. If the friend responds yes, they are then encouraged to reach out to their own friends to support the candidate.

A social campaign managers dashboard monitors supporters' progress, giving a total list of voters found, contacted and identified. and it features a list of top supporters.

Votizen can reveal alot through analyzing tweets. As Liz Gannes reports in All Things D, "In addition to the stream of tweets, Votizen posts live analytics about political tweet activity trends. Its latest data shows that there are more Democrat tweets altogether, but far more Republican tweets than Democrat in swing states like Florida and Ohio."

According to Julia Boorstin at CNBC, Votizen has the backing of some of Facebook's biggest investors, Sean Parker and Peter Theil.

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