Voxbone Unveils 3rd Iteration of Powerful Telco API

Servicing 3 million requests per day throughout 50 countries, Voxbone fuels the telecommunications industry by providing geographical, mobile, and toll free numbers.
They have recently announced the full release of an updated API to empower cloud communications, international services, and large carriers with faster provisioning and management of virtual local phone numbers.

First introduced in 2007, the Voxbone API allows telecommunication companies to order virtual local phone numbers and SIP trunks. The 3rd iteration of the Voxbone API applies a more streamlined Framework to allow faster results and added benefits for companies. In addition to XML/ SOAP protocols, the API is now open for XML/REST & JSON/REST Integration. Other new features include decreased activation time, heightened security, and CDR retrieval. With half of their current customer base using their API, Voxbone is positioned well to push new releases such as this quickly into the market. 

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Voxbone Launches New API