Vungle SDK v6.4 Supports Cache Optimization and MREC ad Format

Vungle, a performance marketing Platform provider, has announced version 6.4 of the Vungle SDK. With a focus on increasing publisher revenues and increasing quality advertisers, Vungle highlights two key features in the latest release: Cache Optimization and enhanced video capability which includes support for the MREC ad format.

"The release of our Vungle SDK 6.4 is the latest enhancement to the Vungle ad platform designed to increase publisher earnings, attract premium advertisers and further advance Vungle's position in the market," Rick Tallman, Vungle CEO, commented in a press release. "Among many things, Vungle's new SDK allows for the intelligent caching of ads across multiple ad formats."

Cache Optimization automatically ensures that ads are cached in a manner to deliver ads across devices and platforms. Early feedback saw users experienced increased impressions during a two week test period. Vungle has been a go to provider for many publishers, and Cache Optimization has ads being delivered at rates never before experienced on the platform.

On the video side of the house, the Vungle SDK now supports MREC. This is a medium-sized rectangle ad format, that is specifically useful for in-app video. With the rectangle, Vungle can offer more dynamic and engaging banner ads. The Android version of 6.4 is currently available with iOS and Windows scheduled for release in Q3 of this year.

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