W3C Announces First Public Working Draft for the WebXR Device API

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), an international standards organization for the Web, has just announced the first public working draft for the WebXR Device API. This new specification will move toward establishing standards for support of virtual reality and augmented reality devices on the Web.

In the announcement of the WebXR Device API, a W3C spokesperson had this to say:

The WebXR Device API provides the interfaces necessary to enable developers to build compelling, comfortable, and safe immersive applications on the Web across a wide variety of hardware formfactors.

This new specification is still a long way from being a fully ratified Recommendation. An initial public working draft is just the first of several steps in the lifecycle of a W3C Recommendation:

  1. Publication of the First Public Working Draft,
  2. Publication of zero or more revised Working Drafts.
  3. Publication of a Candidate Recommendation.
  4. Publication of a Proposed Recommendation.
  5. Publication as a W3C Recommendation.

To learn more about the WebXR Device API or the Immersive Web Working Group make sure the check out the announcement. For more information on the entire process check out the World Wide Web Consortium Process Document.

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