W3C Designates WebRTC 1.0 Feature Complete

W3C has announced that WebRTC 1.0 is now feature complete. Despite WebRTC's growing popularity, the realtime communications API was until now a W3C Candidate Recommendation. With the new designation, W3C is calling for broad implementation and testing.

WebRTC was born as a set of protocols and APIs that greatly decreases the infrastructure and development required to include cross device/cross browser realtime communications within web apps (with a specific focus on video). Developers can use the technology to easily add realtime video to apps, games, and enterprise applications alike.

Most major browsers have already implemented WebRTC on both web and mobile versions. As a royalty free protocol/API, live communication is no longer a product itself, but a feature add. Thus, WebRTC has quickly turned traditional online AV on its head. Check out the WebRTC site for specific details.

As WebRTC has become a standard in realtime audio and video, W3C and others have started considering future feature applications. Peer-to-peer communications and data exchanges are oft considered applications going forward. With v1.0 stable for wide implementation, work on the next version has already begun. Follow the community group for updates.

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