W3C Launches Front-End Developer Certificate

As the W3C celebrates the second anniversary of its free online course offering, W3Cx, the organization has announced that it has exceeded its initial goals for W3Cx, and will now offer expanded course offerings and a new certificate for front-end developers. The Front-End Web Developer Professional Certificate was developed in partnership with edX (i.e. a leading nonprofit online learning platform, founded by Harvard University and MIT).

The latest course offering is an introduction to JavaScript. The course is five weeks long, and taught in collaboration with University Cote d'Azure. The JavaScript Introduction course is one of the required courses in the new Certificate program. To supplement the JavaScript course, the four additional courses include more JavaScript instruction in addition to the other two foundational web languages (i.e. HTML5 and CSS).

Since launch, W3Cx has been a great success for W3C. Almost 400,000 students from every participating country have enrolled. For specific successes, check out the learners' stories. As demand for web development talent continues to rise, W3C is partnering with some of the world's best educational institutions to deliver world class instruction while keeping costs minimal.

"The success of the W3Cx training programs underscores W3C's commitment to creating high quality courses that specifically help Web developers to acquire or increase their skills," W3C CEO, Dr. Jeff Jaffe, commented in a press release. "The impact that these W3Cx educational courses have had upon so many people's lives around the globe, and the doors they open for new and better jobs, is extremely satisfying to see."

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