W3C Publishes First Working Drafts of Web Payments HTTP Specifications

The W3C Web Payments Working Group has published the first public working drafts of the Web Payments HTTP Specifications which include specifications for Web Payments HTTP API 1.0 and Web Payments HTTP Messages 1.0. The W3C Web Payments HTTP API 1.0 specification establishes a standard for creating payment requests and returning payment responses using a standard HTTP API. The W3C Web Payments HTTP Messages 1.0 specification establishes a standard for initiating messages to acknowledge payment requests using the Web Payments HTTP API protocol. The two specifications are designed to work together to enable payment requests outside of a browser context.

The Web Payments HTTP API 1.0 specification calls for several experimental features including a payment mediator that helps determine which payer payment applications can be used to complete the payment request. The payment mediator coordinates the “flow of messages” between payer, payee, and the payment application. Web Payments HTTP Messages 1.0 is used to initiate and acknowledge payment requests made using the HTTP protocol.

The W3C Web Payments Working Group was established in October 2015 and the first payment specification drafts (for initiating payments via Web browser) were published in April of this year. The primary goal of the W3C Web Payments Working Group is to improve the interoperability of payment systems and applications (payer and payee) and ensure payments made via the Web are secure and easier to implement.

The W3C has more than 35 working groups and more than a dozen interest groups developing specifications for a wide range of web technologies and applications such as CSS, HTML Media Extensions, Web Payments, Web Security, Geolocation, Social Web, and Web Authentication. W3C API specifications are important as they aim to establish API standards that ensure interoperability between Web and mobile applications, improve API security, and allow new technologies to be implemented.

W3C plans on finalizing and publishing payment specifications as official W3C recommendations in 2017. For more information about the W3C Web Payments HTTP Specifications, visit the official W3C website.

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