W3C Web Storage API Now In Recommendation Status

One of the leading HTML5 APIs has finally reached Recommendation Status. The Web Storage API that allows web applications to store data in web clients has reached this status after several years though it has enjoyed support from both desktop and mobile browsers for a long time.

The Web Storage API provides a simple name-value pair storage API and is considered to be a key API that enables web applications to provide offline capability, a feature that is often used in the favor of native applications in the web vs native kind of application debates. The recommended storage limit is 5MB in the specification, though browser vendors support much larger than that.

Among all the HTML5 APIs, the Web Storage API has enjoyed widespread support among vendors for a long time. At the time of writing, browser support for the API is hovering just above 90% and this includes both desktop and mobile browsers. The table below visualizes the support from popular site caniuse.com.

Various HTML5 APIs have been in the works with browser support now reaching considerable numbers for several of them. Will this mark the beginning of the phase, where several of them will reach "Recommendation" status?

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