W3C WebAssembly Working Group Publishes Three First Public Working Drafts

The World Wide Web Consortium’s ( W3C) WebAssembly Working Group has published three first public working drafts for the WebAssembly Core Specification, WebAssembly JavaScript Interface and WebAssembly Web API.

The WebAssembly standard is "a safe, portable, low-level code format designed for efficient execution and compact representation." The WebAssembly JavaScript Interface will provide a JavaScript API for interacting with WebAssembly and the WebAssembly Web API describes how WebAssembly will be integrated with the broader web Platform.

The primary goal of WebAssembly is to "enable high performance applications on the Web." Specifically, compiled WebAssembly applications are intended to execute at the same speed as native applications "by taking advantage of common hardware capabilities available on a wide range of platforms." 

This will make it possible for a wide range of software, including games, image and video editing, low-latency augmented and virtual reality, and remote desktop, to be implemented as browser-based applications. Currently the four major browsers, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge all support WebAssembly.

The WebAssembly Working Group includes Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple and Google among others. More information about WebAssembly can be found on the WebAssembly website.

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