Walgreens’ Rx API Allows Automatic Birth Control Refills

Walgreens’ Prescription Refill API has been put to good use by San Francisco-based Glow, who make digital health tools for women. According to Aditi Pai’s post on MobiHealthNews.com, Glow have incorporated the API into their app, allowing users to refill their birth control prescriptions directly from their smartphone.

Women can use Glow’s app, also called Glow, to track their periods. Users then enter the type of birth control they are using, choosing from options including; withdrawal, condom, pill, and IUD. If the user selects the “pill” option, she can add her prescription refill information for her local Walgreens store and will then receive reminders to refill the prescription when it is almost finished. The refill service also extends to Walgreens’ subsidiary Duane Reade.

The app was originally designed to help women keep track of their fertility cycle so that they know when they are most likely to fall pregnant. Not long after the release, the company realised there was also a market for women who wanted to avoid pregnancy, so they expanded accordingly. Users can now make a selection within the app on whether to track fertility cycle, view trends or receive timed notifications that can lead to a healthier lifestyle.

The API was initially made available to developers in February 2013, sparking many other useful apps, such as PocketPharmacist, Rxmindme and WebMD Rx.

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Glow taps Walgreens’ Rx API for birth control refills