Walgreens Announces QuickPrints API Designed for Windows 8 Coming Soon, App Contest

At the June 2013 Microsoft Build Developer Conference in San Francisco, Walgreens announced that the company would soon be releasing the Walgreens QuickPrints API designed for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Walgreens, working with API technology and management company Apigee, launched the Walgreens QuickPrints API back in July 2012. The API makes it possible for developers to create third-party mobile applications that allow users to print photos at any of Walgreens locations (there are over 8,000 locations at the time of this writing).

Walgreens has also added a few enhancements to the QuickPrints API so that users of QuickPrints API-enabled mobile applications can produce and send photo books, wall calendars and folded cards to Walgreens for same day printing. The QuickPrints API also supports flat photo card printing and a several print formats including standard, square, canvas and poster.


Image Credit: Walgreens

At this time, there are QuickPrints SDKs available for iOS and Android as well as an API (beta). Walgreens announced that the company will be releasing QuickPrints API designed for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 soon.

The API is RESTful and uses HTTPS protocol in conjunction with the AWS Auth service. All responses to API calls are returned in JSON data format. Mobile applications using the QuickPrints service should limit this functionality to "applications downloaded from U.S. application stores only as Walgreens does not currently have any stores outside of the United States and Puerto Rico."

Walgreens E-commerce Chief Technology Officer Abhi Dhar states for the press release that:

"As we continue to innovate, we're always identifying relevant ways to engage with our customers – wherever, whenever and however they prefer. Providing our app to consumers on the Windows Phone 8 Platform makes it easier for customers to shop with us, while extending our QuickPrints API creates greater value for developers interested in offering an enhanced experience for their user."

Developers can find detailed Documentation for the Walgreens QuickPrints API on the Developer Portal.

QuickPrints Photo App Developer Contest

The Walgreens Developer Program is hosting a QuickPrints Photo App Developer Contest to encourage developers to incorporate the functionality enhancements recently added to the Walgreens QuickPrints API into their mobile applications.

The contest will award cash prizes to developers of the best apps that use the QuickPrints API. According to the official contest rules, the prizes are as follows:

  • $2000 check for the best Application incorporating the Photo Book product.
  • $2000 check for the best Application incorporating the Folded Card product.
  • $2000 check for the best Application incorporating the Wall Calendar product.

The QuickPrints Photo App Developer Contest is open to any individual or entity developer and the deadline to enter is September 30, 2013. Winners will be notified by email by October 31, 2013

For more information about the QuickPrints Photo App Developer Contest, visit the official contest web page.

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