Walgreens Introduces Refill API for Mobile Developers

Pharmacy giant Walgreens has launched the Walgreens Pharmacy Prescription Refill API that allows mobile developers to integrate Walgreens' prescription refill technology. As long as an app has scanning capabilities (or another way of getting the ID into the system), developers can integrate the refill API and users can refill a prescription that was originally filled at one of Walgreens 8,000+ pharmacies.

Walgreens Chief Technology Officer, Abhi Dhar, commented:

"People continue to become increasingly engaged with their mobile devices and use the technology to help make their day-to-day lives easier....By incorporating the Walgreens Prescription API, mobile app developers are providing users with an easy way to refill prescriptions and help them properly take their medication."

Studies suggest that a many hospital and nursing home admissions result from failure to adequately maintain a prescription regiment. Walgreens looks to lower such admissions through mobile app development. Walgreens has already partnered with leading healthcare app developers to test the API (i.e. Healthspek and PocketPharmacist). Healthspek President, Randy Farr, praised:

"We are excited about our relationship with Walgreens. Walgreens leadership position in technology and consumer empowerment fits perfectly with Healthspek's message to consumers 'Own Your Chart!'."

The API uses REST protocol and returns calls in a JSON data format. Developers can integrate order refill capabilities as well as reminder alerts. Users simply scan the barcode on the prescription, and the app orders the prescription refill. Interested developers can register for an account at the developer page.

As Walgreens' Abhi Dhar suggested, consumers have become more and more dependent on mobile devices for day to day living. If Walgreens can leverage such behavior to improve general wellness and lower hospital admission rates, it will drive positive change throughout the world. Walgreens currently sits as the largest Pharmacy in the US and should continue to encourage healthy living by promoting innovation in its industry.

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