Walk Score Travel Time API: Save Fuel, Walk More

When looking for a place to live, the surrounding area matters. Knowing if the property has easy walking access to shops, places of interest or public transport can definitely sway a buyer's purchasing decisions. Walk Score is a service that measures walkability within specific locations and also provides neighbourhood maps to the real estate industry. Walk Score's Travel Time API makes this functionality available to be easily integrated with other applications.


In a nutshell, Walk Score calculates a property's 'walk score' according to its location and whether it is within easy walking distance of local amenities, public transport, places of interest and more. It's a helpful tool for anyone who is marketing any kind of residential property as it displays the kind of property information that really matters to buyers or renters. In a recent press release, Walk Score CEO, Josh Herst says,

"Even in the cold of winter, a growing movement of people are looking for alternatives to long commutes and car dependence. The most walkable cities and neighbourhoods make it easier for residents to leave their cars at home more often which is great for your wallet, health, environmental impact, and quality of life.”

The Walk Score Travel Time API quickly determines the travel times between a starting point and a set of destinations. It uses route directions and supports walking distance, public transit times, driving distance, and biking times to visualise travel times on a map. The API includes two versions - the HTTP/REST version for making server side requests, returning travel times for a set of locations, and the JavaScript Library for showing travel time visualisation on a map or getting travel times in JavaScript. Those interested in making use of the API can find more information on Walk Score's website or contact the company directly.

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