Wallabee: A Faster, Field Notes-inspired Gowalla

Check-in app Gowalla puts a fun twist on location sharing by helping its users discover wonderfully-designed virtual items that can be found, swapped, and dropped all over the place. Developer Ben Dodson used the Gowalla API to put together Wallabee Travel Edition.

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Gowalla already provides an experience more engaging that most check-in apps. Wallabee aims to offer a faster, low-bandwidth, Gowalla experience then you would get with their official app. It does this by authenticating with Gowalla's new OAuth 2 implementation and then making API calls from the Wallabee servers, instead of directly from your phone.

Not only does Wallabee offer a faster experience, but it's well-designed, mimicking the popular Field Notes mini-notebooks. Additionally, you can keep multiple Gowalla accounts in Gowallabee (handy if you operate a personal and a "company" account).

Wallabee offers a lot of the things you're used to with the official Gowalla app. Currently, all that's really missing is item management, which may seem odd since it's the core of the Gowalla service. A great feature that is unique to Wallabee, aside for the speed and design, is the way it indicates places you've already been. This is extra handy if you use Gowalla to simply check out places you haven't been before.

Wallabee Travel Edition is currently a free download from the iTunes App Store. Check it out.

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