Walmart Introduces API-Driven Advertising Platform

On January 3rd, 2020, Walmart announced the Walmart Advertising Partners program, which is accompanied by a new advertising API and four initial advertising partners. The announcement of an API-driven Platform moves Walmart away from a managed service approach and provides advertisers’ more direct access to their campaigns.

The announcement highlighted four initial API partners: Flywheel Digital, Kenshoo, Pacvue, and Teikametrics. Walmart is leaning on these partners to help meet the needs of a broader set of advertisers. The announcement of the platform noted that initial partnerships were based partially on experience in deep search. Walmart is hoping that through this new API the company’s partners will be able to “maximize campaigns with rich data insights – based on both in-store and online data – at scale.”

AdExchanger recently interviewed Lex Josephs, VP of sales and media partnerships at Walmart Media Group (WMG) about the new advertising platform. Josephs noted that Walmart views this announcement to be the “first pillar” of the companies new advertising strategy. So although this new API is currently limited to select partners, it will be interesting to follow the growth of the platform over the next several years. 

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