Walmart Updates Marketplace APIs to Improve Notifications and Discoverability

Walmart has announced updates to its Walmart Marketplace APIs that include new webhook notifications, new tools that enable sellers to better analyze their catalog strategy, and a new item specification intended to improve discoverability. 

Walmart’s new Webhooks functionality will provide sellers with real-time notifications for Buy Box changes, Unpublished Offers, and purchase order updates. The company hopes that these new notifications will simplify order management and provide more in-depth insight into sellers’ catalogs. Additionally, with new catalog strategy tools via the Trending Item API and Item search API, Walmart is enabling further insight into the performance of individual items. 

The company has also launched the new Item Spec 4.0. Using this new specification, sellers will be able to provide more detailed information on items in their catalog. Version 4.0 is a complete overhaul of the previous iteration and includes new fields and improved organization. 

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