WalmartLabs Releases OneOps Cloud and Application Lifecycle Management Platform as Open Source

WalmartLabs, a Walmart technology company (formerly named Kosmix), has announced that OneOps is now open source and available to developers. OneOps is a cloud and application lifecycle management platform that developers can use to quickly develop and launch applications as well as maintain them throughout their entire lifecycle. OneOps makes it possible for developers to code applications in a hybrid, multi-cloud environment so that they can be tested and deployed on a variety of cloud platforms.


The OneOps cloud and application lifecycle management platform was developed and tested within Walmart for more than two years before it was released to the open source community. OneOps provides a variety of benefits for developers including continuous lifecycle management, cloud portability, rapid innovation with safeguards, and greater cloud environment control.

OneOps is also a marketplace of cloud providers and DevOps software products. WalmartLabs will be releasing a number of product integrations in the coming months. Product integrations that are already supported by OneOps include Node.js, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, MySQL, JBoss by Red Hat, Go, and Ruby. Docker and Perl product integrations are coming soon.

According to the documentation, OneOps is a "multi-cloud application orchestrator" that allows developers to design applications in a "cloud agnostic way." Developers can choose to launch OneOps using a machine image provided by a supported cloud partner or implement the platform locally using the OneOps open source code.

At the time of this writing, supported cloud providers include OpenStack, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Support for cloud provider CenturyLink is coming soon. OneOps is capable of managing Node, Java, and LAMP based applications on all of the supported cloud providers.

OneOps is not the first open source project that WalmartLabs has released. The company has released other open source software projects including Node.js based client-server Web framework Lazo, RESTful API services building framework Hapi, and JavaScript objects validation system Joi. Perhaps the company will decide to embrace the typical open source business model in the future, starting with OneOps.

Developers interesting in using OneOps can find more information on the OneOps website.

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