Want to Buy a Slightly Used API?

Have you ever wanted to own your very own API, but didn’t have the time or inspiration to create one for yourself? Well here is your opportunity. Song.ly, a Twitter music sharing service, is up for grabs:

You can ‘Buy It Now’ for $50,000, but the auction will run for another 12 days at a minimum bid of $15,000. I’m fairly surprised that the people behind the service didn’t think they could Fetch more for the property, if only for the nice domain name that comes with it.

The action is running right now over on Flippa, although at the time of writing bidding has been suspended as the “Buy It Now” bid is awaiting approval.

In addition to the web site, which attracts around 175,000 page views a month, you also get the Twitter account @song_ly, with over 1200 followers, and the song.ly API, which has had over 100 API Key sign-ups and is used by a number tools including iPhone and desktop apps, and browser add-ons for Firefox and IE. The total pages views for the service, including API access, is reported at around 370,000. Some basic arithmetic shows that the API attracts a fair amount of traffic at 195,000 hits a month. Developers looking for more information on the Web Service can view the online documentation and browse our API profile.

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