Warranty Hotel Continues to Revolutionize Warranties with Open API

Warranty Hotel, leading developer of innovative technologies for product warranty storage and management, announced the open Warranty Hotel API for retailers and e-tailers. The API aims to complement Warranty Hotel's most popular product, Warranty Hotel Standard, a Platform that easily integrates with POS systems and e-tailer checkout carts. The API allows retailers to include a QR code on receipts which allows consumers to access warranty information from various purchases in a single location.

LS Retail, an early adopter of the Warranty Hotel API, plans on offering the API functionality with every install of its POS solution, states MarketWatch. With an install base of "more than 39,000 stores in 60+ countries", Warranty Hotel has found a strategic partner to help market its API and gain a larger user base. LS Retail Director, Carsten Wulff, commented: "The interest is huge and global. I have no doubt, that this will generate value in our customer base on time savings, increased revenue, and overall customer satisfaction."

Fourth generation retailer, Henrik Peter Reisby Nielsen, found the idea for Warranty Hotel after a customer expressed the difficulty in keeping up with warranty information regarding multiple purchases. Warranty Hotel relieves consumers from keeping document upon document of warranty information. LS Retail further stated: "Retailers spend significant resources fielding customer queries and complaints with respect to warranty terms and conditions and lost product warranties or receipts." Warranty Hotel streamlines the warranty claim process on the consumer and retailer side. The API simply adds to Warranty Hotel's already existing value. Warranty Hotel has changed the warranty landscape and should it continue to gain worldwide adoption, the world might cease to adopt paper-based, legacy warranty processes.

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