Warranty Life Disrupts Warranty Industry with New API

Warranty Life launched for a single purpose:

"[develop] an easy-to-use system that takes the filing, searching and frustration out of keeping track of product warranties."

In its short existence, Warranty Life seems have to achieved its goal by improving warranty attachment rate to sales by 60% and its innovative system is now in use by hundreds of retailers across the US. Warranty Life wants to extend its reach and its value proposition by offering the Warranty API that can integrate with third party applications and websites.

The Warranty Life API allows users to purchase warranties directly from an application or website, register details of a purchase, look up product details, and look up warranty plan details. Warranties available include everything from consumer electronics to lawn and garden tools. "All plans are fully insured and supported by some of the most reputable warranty providers in the US and Canada."

The Warranty Life API uses a REST protocol and responses are formatted in JSON. To enhance functionality, Warranty Life partnered with Scandit. Through the Scandit Integration, developers who utilize barcodes also have the ability to sell warranties and extended warranties with product purchase.

According to the company, Warranty Life is the first in the industry to release an API and offer warranties in such a fashion. The new approach is an "attempt to disrupt this profitable but stagnant $30 billion dollar industry." With Warranty Life's 60% attach rate and rapidly growing base of retail customers, it may do more than simply "disrupt" the industry. Developers interested in the API can find more information here.

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