Waste Less Waste: Earth911 Search API Makes Recycling Easy

In our efforts to save the planet, recycling is one of easiest ways for the average person to make a positive impact on the environment; and a lot of people would do it...if they knew how, where and what. Earth911 exists to make recycling as simple and convenient as possible by providing people with accessible and actionable recycling information across the country. The Earth911 Search API makes it possible for others to demonstrate their environmental awareness by providing access to this recycling information on their websites or mobile applications.


Earth911 boats the biggest and most accurate directory of its kind, providing relevant recycling information for over 300 materials. The service offers over 1 million ways to recycle and allows users to search for information and options relevant to their locations.

The Earth911 Search API uses REST calls issued in JSON format and allows developers to add the search Function of the directory to any website or mobile application. An API key is required and can be accessed by request.

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