Wattpad API: A Social Platform For Storytellers

In a similar way that SoundCloud provides a creative and social outlet for aspiring and established musicians, so Wattpad provides an exciting tool that connects talented writers with a community of keen readers. It's an application created for web and mobile, facilitating a world-wide community that shares and discovers stories in an online, social environment. Wattpad's API opens up further possibilities, providing developers with access to this functionality and allowing them to integrate it with other applications or create new ones.


Wattpad is a free service that is all about the sharing of stories in a new and fresh way. The focus is on two groups - the readers and the writers. The folks at Wattpad state that every minute, more than 10 000 readers are connected with thousands of stories that are being added to the Library every day. Readers can then arrange stories into lists, vote for their favourites, interact with the writers by adding comments and share with friends. The writers are exposed to a monthly audience of over 10 million readers, giving them an opportunity to share their work, build a fan base and get relevant feedback on their written works. In an O'Reilly Tools Of Change interview, Wattpad CEO and co-founder, Allen Lau illustrates the benefits of Whattpad;

"Why Wattpad is so special is because we're doing a lot of things that traditional publishers cannot do. For example, we're directly connecting the readers and writers, it's very accessible through mobile devices, the content is created collaboratively in many cases, and of course, our content is all free".

The Wattpad API is currently in limited beta phase and support is not provided. Developers are encouraged to send any suggestions to admin@wattpad.com.

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