WaveMaker Announces API Gateway for Legacy SOAP-Based to REST-Based App Conversion

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WaveMaker, a leading enterprise application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) software company, today announced an industry-first technology development enabling developers to quickly retool existing apps for web-scale deployment. The company's new offering, which allows easy conversion of traditional SOAP-based APIs to REST APIs, will allow "rapid retooling" of SOAP-based apps for use in web and mobile environments.

SOAP has largely been outmoded by REST, but many companies are saddled with thousands of existing apps with non-REST APIs. With today's news, WaveMaker helps enterprises leverage their massive investment in corporate applications and more quickly respond to user demands for applications that support eCommerce, mobility, and other business-critical missions.

"SOAP style web services are hard to implement and they bloat the application Payload, even for simple use cases, making them sub-optimal for mobile or device use," said Samir Ghosh, CEO of WaveMaker.

"WaveMaker provides tools that auto-generate REST-style Java API wrappers for new applications. But now we've also made it possible for DevOps to breathe new life into their vast libraries of existing SOA-based apps by simplifying and bulletproofing the conversion to REST."

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