WaveMaker Gateway Allows Enterprises to Share APIs Outside Company Walls

WaveMaker, a platform-as-a-service provider, has announced the WaveMaker Gateway. The new offering allows companies to open APIs to third parties for consumption. Prior to WaveMaker Gateway, the company's API tools were limited to publishing, wrapping and sharing APIs within a single enterprise. The Gateway product allows enterprises to share APIs beyond company walls so that third parties can consume and build apps with them.

"Custom apps are key to innovating and fostering ecosystems, and this cannot be done without APIs," WaveMaker CEO Samir Ghosh said in a press release. "WaveMaker Gateway completes our suite of API tools for the enterprise, and is the next step for enterprises looking to selectively and securely share apps outside of their organization with partners as well as third-party developers."

WaveMaker Gateway aims to bring API owners/publishers and API consumers/app developers together into a mutually beneficial ecosystem. API owners can upload, document, manage and monitor APIs that are published for third-party use. API consumers can search, test, choose payment plans and easily consume APIs in the course of their app development and production. 

As WaveMaker now extends its offering beyond a single enterprise's walls, it has taken measures to ensure uptime and scalability. A load balancer serves as the front end for all API requests to minimize latency and maximize performance. The load balancer cuts down on overburdening server loads, and policy-driven configuration enables more flexibility in REST management. To learn more, visit the WaveMaker Gateway home page.

Disclosure: MuleSoft, parent company to ProgrammableWeb, is a competitor to the company mentioned in this article.

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