Weather APIs to Track Hurricane Florence

ProgrammableWeb recently covered the Call for Code Global Initiative, a competition that asks developers to create tools that will aid in natural disaster preparedness and relief. In light of this, and with Hurricane Florence fast approaching the Carolinas, we wanted to make sure Developers could find the tools they need to build life saving apps. Below is a brief summary of some of the related APIs in our directory. 

Terrapin Hurricane Tracking
Based on weather satellite input from the U.S. National Weather Service, this API allows developers to retrieve storm updates that provide location of all current, active hurricanes, tropical storms, and tropical depressions, over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The service also provides forecasts for changes to location and status of storms. 

Storm Glass Marine Weather
This API provides a wealth of information including Wind Speed, Wave Height, Tide/Sea Level, and Precipitation. The API aggregates data from various reputable sources providing a single API for global data.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
The NOAA provides an API that offers access to weather forecasts, watch & warnings, advisories, and storm prediction. 

The OpenFEMA API provides access to FEMA datasets that include information on public assistance funded projects, public assistance applicants, hazard mitigation grants, and disaster declarations.

These are just a few of the APIs that could be useful. It may also be worth checking out our full directory listing of Weather APIs and Emergency APIs

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