Weather APIs for Weather Applications in 2020

In recent years, weather conditions have become more extreme. Hurricanes, tornados, typhoons, and cyclones are larger and more frequent, temperatures fluctuate from extreme hot to extreme cold, and severe droughts and floods have increased. Luckily, meteorology tools, such as Weather APIs, have also greatly improved for better data collection and more accurate weather modeling.

Satellites, mobile devices, drones, radar, historic data, algorithms, home weather stations, and other tools have all aided meteorologists to create more accurate weather forecasts to keep up with extreme weather condition changes. And that's a great thing, as we rely more and more on Weather APIs to create apps for information about air quality, transportation and air travel, agriculture, marine & tidal conditions, storm tracking, real-time & localized forecasts, climate science, and public safety.

Developers need to create weather applications that are more localized, more advanced, and more targeted for individuals or businesses in this hyper-data world. And there are plenty of Application Programming Interfaces, listed in the Weather APIs category of ProgrammableWeb for developers to choose from to create the best weather applications.

Our Popular Weather APIs

According to our metrics, here is a short list of some of most popular Application Programming Interfaces for weather data from ProgrammableWeb. You will notice quite a few changes from our 2014 article about Weather APIs!

National Weather Service (NWS) API

The National Weather Service (NWS) APITrack this API allows developers access to current weather conditions, alerts, and observations, along with other weather data. The API is based on JSON-LD for linking data and contains GeoJSON endpoints for mapping applications. The API enables applications to gain forecast and weather information by geolocation, points, weather stations, products, zones, offices, gridpoints, and alerts. The NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) SOAP API is also available.

OpenWeatherMap 5 Day Weather Forecast API

OpenWeatherMap provides open weather data, satellite imagery, IoT, and other environmental data for developers. The OpenWeatherMap 5 Day Weather Forecast APITrack this API allows developers to get the five-day forecast for a given location or city. This forecast provides weather data in three-hour intervals and is available in either JSON or XML format. Developers looking for more precision can request data for a central district of a city or town using its geographic coordinates, ID, or name. OpenWeatherMap provides several other useful APIs as well.

OpenWeatherMap provides several Weather APIs for forecast and weather data by location

OpenWeatherMap provides several APIs for forecast and weather data by location. Screenshot: OpenWeatherMap

The Weather Company Data Core API

IBM Watson & Cloud Platform operates the weather data from (The Weather Channel),, and Weather Underground under The Weather Company. What used to be separate company Weather APIs are now encompassed into The Weather Company Data Core APITrack this API. Aimed at business customers, data offered through this API includes current conditions, 2-day hourly forecast, site-based observations, time-series observations, weather alerts, daily and monthly almanac, radar and satellite images, location services, and more. Developers wishing to access the API or Documentation need to contact the provider. Their are several other Weather Company APIs offered as well.

ClimaCell Micro Weather API

ClimaCell provides real-time, accurate weather data solutions. The ClimaCell Micro Weather APITrack this API provides access to high-resolution micro weather data for locations across the U.S. The technology features low altitude (30 feet) tracking features, minute updates, spatial zoom of 500 meters, short-term forecast, and exclusive new sensing technologies.

Windy API

The Windy APITrack this API is a free public Weather API that developers can use to add an interactive animated map to applications and websites. The Windy animated map displays information and forecasts for wind, clouds, waves, temperature, and more. The API requires the Leaflet JavaScript Library.

Get animated maps featuring wind direction, rain, thunder, clouds and more with Windy Weather API

Get animated maps featuring wind direction, rain, thunder, clouds and more with Windy API. Screenshot: Windy

Dark Sky API

The Dark Sky APITrack this API integrates weather predictions into applications via JSON & REST protocol. API methods are available for current conditions, minute-by-minute forecasts out to 1 hour, hour-by-hour forecasts out to 48 hours and day-by-day forecasts out to 7 days. The Dark Sky API allows users to look up the current or historical weather anywhere on the globe. The forecasts are available in multiple languages.

Storm Glass API

The Storm Glass APITrack this API gives developers access to global marine weather data from multiple sources using a single REST API. This Weather API returns marine forecasts for the next 7 days in hourly resolution. Forecasts include swell height, swell direction, swell period, wave height, wave direction, wave period, wind speed, wind direction, and air temperature.

Iteris ClearAg Field Weather

The Iteris ClearAg Field Weather APITrack this API uses ClearAg's meteorological data, weather models and sensor data to provide users with field-specific weather data. Field Weather API methods include historical and current forecasts, temperature, hail, and rain data. ClearAg offers multiple APIs for agribusiness and offers API Integration, application Framework, and white label capability.


AerisWeather provides traditional weather conditions such as local weather and current weather maps. AerisWeather APITrack this API gives developers data such as weather advisories, forecasts, humidity, geographic locations, storm reports and more. AerisWeather also offers APIs for LightningTrack this API, WildfiresTrack this API, and Weather MapsTrack this API.


There is weather on other planets too! MAAS2 is a REST APITrack this API that provides current weather data transmitted by the Curiosity Rover on Mars. This Weather API is built upon the REMS (Rover Environmental Monitoring Station). MAAS2 responds in JSON formatted data.

Weatherbit Historical Agro Weather API

Weatherbit provides historical weather data for developers. The Weatherbit Historical Agro Weather APITrack this API returns JSONP data about soil temperature, soil moisture, and evapotranspiration associated with agriculture. Weatherbit also provides several other APIs for weather data, including an Air Quality Forecast APITrack this API.

The Weather APIs listed above are just a small sampling of what can be found in the Weather category in ProgrammableWeb's API directory. Check out more than 270 APIs220 SDKs, and 60 Source Code Samples for weather application development.

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