Weather Underground API Retiring at the End of 2018

Weather Underground just announced the end of support for the Weather Underground APITrack this API. Developers who subscribe and utilize the API will continue to have access until December 31, 2018. However, beginning next year, the Weather Underground team suggests moving to the suite of weather API products offered by The Weather Company. The Weather Company acquired Weather Underground in 2012.

The Weather Company offers a suite of enterprise-grade APIs. The APIs include Data Core, Enhanced Current Conditions, Enhanced Forecast, Sever Weather, Lifestyle Indices, Historical Weather Data, Seasonal and Subseasonal Forecast, and Traffic Data. Weather Underground assures its users that the range of data available from The Weather Company is broader, and The Weather Company's infrastructure scales better to support the continued growth of Weather Underground users.

Weather Underground users will be contacted by a Weather Company representative to discuss options moving forward. Personal Weather Station owners (i.e. those who currently provide data to Weather Underground) will soon receive info regarding a free plan to access such data. For non-commercial Weather Underground users, you will gain access to a low call volume, personal use API. For now, the WU Forum will remain available.

Weather Underground promotes the move as the next logical step in its evolution. After all, Weather Underground has been a part of The Weather Company since 2012, and The Weather Company has been part of IBM since 2015. At this point in its evolution, IBM is probably better suited to manage enterprise level API infrastructure and serve developers to the next generation of weather data.

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