Web API Sites, Unite

Chris Law who last week started the wsfinder wiki, blog and very interesting Map of the Web 2.0 World has suggested that it might make sense to join forces, along with the new Web API Tracker blog, "give the community one definitive place to go" for Web API resources. I completely agree. Given the degree of interest (see below for evidence) I think that by working jointly we can do more, and do it more cohesively, than we could on our own. Funny how in just a few weeks there went from being no centralized resources on the topic to at least three.

(Speaking of interest in the topic, in just the last two weeks at ProgrammableWeb here's some of what's happened: starting Labor Day weekend traffic skyrocketed (as noted earlier); number of Google links to "ProgrammableWeb" went from less than 10 to about 36,000; there's a few hundred blog subscribers; almost 1,000 del.cio.us bookmarks; and the site got some very nice comments from folks like Chad Dickerson and Richard MacManus as well as an O'Reilly Radar pickup . Surprised the heck out of me.)

Now that there's a few of us working on this topic it should be all the better by building a wider community.

Chris, I'll buy the next round ;-)


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Web API Tracker here. I'd like to join the fan club for this idea. Personally, I'm so taken with the databases that WSFinder and Programmableweb have put together that I had decided to link to them rather than do anything similar. I'm very happy to effect a merger of some kind.

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This is exactly the kind of thing I've been looking for - all the API info in one place!

I'm not sure if the comments are really the right place to ask this, but I'm an entrepreneur and I'm looking for some programmers to partner with me on some API-based projects and business ideas. If you're interested in starting a Web 2.0 company, or just want to talk about APIs, please get in touch! All my contact details are on my blog: