Web APIs and Service Mashups Research Workshop

Web APIs and mashups are not only of interest to the developer community. There are also research activities that look at how to improve various aspects of API design as well as services' and mashups' implementation and deployment. If you are interested in a cutting-edge research that may influence the future of Web APIs, then you should look at series of workshops on Web APIs and Service Mashups.

The workshop's website explains:

Services computing and Web 2.0 are converging into a programmable Web today that provides the basis for Services Mashups – end-user-oriented compositions of Web APIs, Web content and Web data sources. The result is a disruptive class of diversified, agile and interactive software systems that offer unprecedented User Experience and open up new fields of application.

As in previous years, the workshop will target the best practices in Web APIs and mashups development as well as emerging topics and trends in both academia and industry. The topics include novel languages for Web API's descriptions, frameworks and platforms for service compositions, Quality of Service for mashups such as performance, reliability, and security, mashups' scalability in the cloud, end-users engagement in mashups development, or mashups distribution and social media.

The workshop, in its fourth year, is co-located with the European Conference on Web Services in Cyprus in December. The workshop usually has a mixture of research work presentations and a keynote from industry such as from Google, Microsoft, IBM and Adobe. Interested in speaking? See the call for papers for instructions and deadlines.

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