Web Miners Grab Their Programming Picks for Bay Area Hack Day

Do you love to mining the amount of data that various Web APIs throw at you and coming up with interesting visualizations? If yes and you live in the Bay Area, the Web Mining Hack Day, a one day event could be your ticket to network with fellow web data mining enthusiasts, learn about the APIs and win some cool prizes.

The Web Mining Hack Day is on this Saturday, June 25 and starts at 1:00 PM. The event is organized by Diffbot, which provides an API to deduce and extract information from web sites. In May we wrote that Diffbot is programmed for awesome with its ability to monitor the web in interesting ways.

The event kicks off with engineers from Diffbot, Factual, Yahoo!, IndexTank and Topicmarks giving presentations of web mining and data APIs. Form your teams and get hacking away with help available on hand from the API engineers. Every team will get a $50 Amazon Web Services voucher to get started. The event will continue into the wee hours of Sunday. Winners stand to win some cool prizes like $500 Apple Store certificate, $1700 Amazon Web Services voucher and a Netbook from Yahoo.

Free tickets for the event are going fast and you should sign up soon at the Event Registration page.

If mobile is more your style, check out the Muther of all Hackathons.

As for web mining, we list 7 extraction APIs in our directory. With the kind of information, both structured and unstructured, data mining is definitely one of the hot areas at the moment.

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