Webhose.io API Adds Viral Post Search Capabilities

Data-as-a-service (DaaS) platform Webhose.io has updated the Webhose.io API to allow searching for blog and news posts based on their viral performance score. The viral performance score ranges from 0 to 10. A score of 0 means that a post was rarely or never shared and therefore did not do well, while 10 means that the post was extremely popular and shared thousands of times on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. The viral performance score allows Webhose.io users to retrieve higher quality of data by finding posts that made a significant impact on social networks.


Omgili.com, which is powered by Webhose.io, utilizes the viral performance score feature.

Last month, ProgrammableWeb reported that Webhose.io added named entity extraction capabilities to the Webhose.io API. Named entity extraction allows users to filter posts by specific entities such as person, location or organization and also reduces ambiguity in text, analyzing words that have multiple meanings based on context.

"In the past few weeks we have been working hard to improve Webhose.io in many ways," Ran Geva, CTO and co-founder of Buzzilla and Webhose.io, told ProgrammableWeb. "Our focus is on the quality of the massive amount of data that we constantly crawl and providing our users with better ways to focus on the data that they need. We are very happy to introduce the performance score feature.”

Geva also said that “this exciting new feature will allow users to find news or blog posts that made an impact on social networks. Based on a dynamic benchmark, we can now measure how well a post did relative to other posts online. This feature gives our users a simple way to sift through the millions of posts we collect and take into account only posts above a certain preset performance score."

For more information about the Webhose.io platform and API, visit the company's website.

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