WebRTC Powered Platform Skylink Unveiled by Temasys

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Temasys, the Singapore-based, global startup building the next generation of Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC), unveiled Skylink, its powerful, stable and secure WebRTC-powered platform at the AWS re:Invent Startup Launch 2014. The third annual Startup Launch selected only five startups from across the globe to present. Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon, hosted the launch.

With Skylink and the Skylink API, businesses and developers have the tools and infrastructure needed to include WebRTC simply and easily into devices, applications, websites and browsers. Skylink is built entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

AWS re:Invent is a leading conference targeted at developers, network architects and technical decision makers. The event features over 200 technical sessions, training boot camps, hands-on labs and more.

"Temasys' WebRTC-powered solutions are built entirely on AWS, leveraging elements of the entire stack," said Temasys CEO Chip Wilcox. "With Skylink, we present the latest innovations in real-time communication, offering a comprehensive platform solution for developers and enterprises and enabling them to add communications as a feature to any application or website.

"Using AWS to develop and run Skylink makes it easier for developers to build apps that can be deployed in a matter of hours for both web browsers and native mobile apps, with the ability to scale efficiently across millions of users," he added.

The Skylink web API (SkylinkJS) is immediately available via the Temasys developer portal at http://developer.temasys.com.sg.  Access to the Skylink SDKs for iOS and Android mobile devices, which are currently in private beta, can also be requested via either the Temasys website (http://www.temasys.com.sg), or after setting up an account with Temasys.

Temasys has successfully implemented WebRTC solutions for Fortune 500 customers in video conferencing, integrated digital media and social media.  

In May, the company launched a free plugin for Internet Explorer and Safari; the plugin saw over 100,000 downloads in fewer than 100 days and has accumulated several million minutes of usage. Last month, it launched a commercial version of the plugin, aimed at service providers and application developers looking to add access to WebRTC-based solutions for users of Internet Explorer and Safari.

WebRTC is an emerging standard of browser-to-browser communications. An amalgamation of low-level, open-source APIs, the technology will redefine how real-time communications will be conducted on the Web, enabling browsers and applications to embed video, audio and data-exchange functions. Temasys is one of only eight companies creating the very DNA of WebRTC, providing an implementation of the standard used by Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and most other browsers.

Smith's Point Analytics, an independent market research firm focused on emerging mobile and wireless technology, has estimated the market for cloud-based RTC to be worth U.S. $4.8 billion by 2018. WebRTC has the potential to transform several sectors, including conferencing and collaboration; contact centers; human resources and recruitment; training, education and distance learning; market research and focus groups; tele-health, and transactional data exchange. The data channel provides opportunities for file sharing, gaming and financial transaction processing.

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