Weebly Launches Enterprise Website Creation Platform

Website creation company Weebly this week launched a platform that gives enterprises the capability to use its service to create and manage large numbers of websites.

Weebly, which has been used by millions of individuals to create websites that collectively receive 140 million visits a month, is looking to expand beyond its initial market with Weebly for Enterprise. The enterprise platform combines the company’s existing website creation service with enterprise functionality, such as a robust permissions system and administrative controls, as well as a suite of APIs that give enterprise customers the ability to integrate Weebly into their existing applications.

“What we realized is that the demand for easy website creation now goes beyond the 30 million individual entrepreneurs who brought their ideas to life on Weebly,” Weebly Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder David Rusenko explained in a press release. “Weebly for Enterprise offers a solution to a problem that no one in the market has comprehensively solved yet: taking the best consumer content management system (CMS) and adding management features and APIs required for the enterprise.”

Weebly is targeting a number of industries with its enterprise offering. These include hospitals, franchises, and educational institutions. According to the company, one of the world’s largest real estate brokers is already using Weebly for Enterprise to give its 16,000 real estate agents the ability to publish property listings online. Another user, a national hospital, is using Weebly for Enterprise to build sites for its doctors and the company says its solution has cut the hospital’s website costs by 90%.

Enterprise viability demands APIs

APIs are commonplace on the consumer web, and they have proven to be a major strategic asset for companies like Facebook and Twitter. But many popular consumer-oriented companies don’t offer public APIs and there’s an argument to be made that they don’t always need one to be successful.

But in the enterprise space, as Weebly for Enterprise highlights, APIs have fast become a must-have, not a nice-to-have. Now that a critical mass of companies are comfortable with the idea of integrating third-party services into their applications and building tools to make their use of those services more efficient, driving adoption of an enterprise offering frequently requires the availability of an API that customers can use from day one.

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