Wercker API Announced for Continuous Delivery Platform

Wercker, a Docker-based Continuous Delivery Platform startup, has announced the release of a public beta preview version of the Wercker API. The Wercker API provides access to Wercker platform information, including Builds, deploys and applications.


Wercker was part of the 2012 startup incubator program Rockstart Accelerator, based in Amsterdam. Wercker received seed funding, which was used to scale the platform and operations, in January 2013. An additional round of funding, which the company is using to further develop the Wercker platform and to increase international expansion, was raised this past October.

The Wercker platform is Docker-based and provides developers with the means to quickly develop, build and deliver Web and mobile applications. Wercker is based on the concept of pipelines, which are automated workflows. Pipelines take pieces of code and automatically execute a series of steps upon that code. Steps are used to customize pipelines, and there are several types of steps that can be taken.

The Wercker API provides programmatic access to information about applications, builds and deploys. API client libraries are in development. However, there are code snippets available for Golang, Node.js and Python. The API supports authorization via the manual creation of bearer tokens. The announcement blog post provides a few examples of use cases for the API, including third-party platform Integration, pipeline monitoring apps, new notifier applications and dashboards.

Wercker plans on providing access to additional API Endpoint functionality in the future as well as the implementation of OAuth 2.0 support. For more information about Wercker and the Wercker API, visit the company website.

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