Western Union Announces New Transfer and Payments APIs

Western Union has introduced new APIs under its Western Union Business Solutions Unit. The APIs provide access to Western Union's series of Front-end, domestic and international payment applications. Two APIs of note in this announcement include the Western Union Money Transfer APITrack this API and the Western Union Partner Payments APITrack this API.

“Our goal is to help customers integrate their data, in turn expanding their global reach and managing their international payments more efficiently, while maintaining our commitment to leading the industry in offering the highest standards of security,” Western Union's Scott Johnson, Global Head of Product, commented in a press release. "Through this investment, we have enriched our API capabilities to ensure our customers receive a best in class experience when using our products and integrating their data.”

The Money Transfer API enables money transfers for three particular use cases. First, users can transfer money to individuals, in the currency where an individual is located. Second, users can transfer money to accounts, in the local currency. Finally, users can transfer to Wester Union agents through an Agent API.

The Partner Payments API enables payments through a host of partner situations. Whether its eCommerce, collections, disbursement, or B2B payments, the partner payment APIs enable a network of robust partner integrations. For more information, check out the Partner Payments site.

The new APIs comply with the EU's PSD2 requirements. Each API is protected through the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) standard. For information, check out the business solutions site.

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