WeWIN Unveils API-Based Rewards Platform

Axle Digital's WeWIN unveils an industry-first API-based rewards Platform. The WeWIN platform enables nonprofits and retailers to engage and reward consumers for supporting a cause. The API-based platform can interface with a company's mobile apps, operating systems and websites, and a user dashboard enables users to monitor activity and engagement.


"By combining the latest technology with great brand recognition, outstanding products and worthy causes, we have built what we believe is the rewards program of the future," commented Syd Dufton, WeWIN's president and CEO.

WeWIN will debut its platform this week at CTIA Super Mobility Week 2014. To present the API platform in action, WeWIN and the American Red Cross will demo the American Red Cross Blood Donor App at CTIA. The app, which is powered by WeWIN, allows donors to schedule and track blood donations, as well as invite others to donate and receive rewards for their generosity.

"Social media interaction is paramount," Grant Hansen, Red Cross' director of digital product management, explained. "We recognize that in order to engage a wide range of blood donors, we have to embrace mobile and social technology. We also recognize that consumers are accustomed to receiving offers, incentives and discounts via their mobile devices. In developing this Blood Donor App, we sought to collaborate with companies like WeWIN that could deliver the tools and technology to help us reach and solicit a broad cross-section of blood donors and reward them accordingly."

WeWIN has gone to market with an API-based strategy so it can meet the needs of organizations across a spectrum of industries working with a broad range of technologies. WeWIN seamlessly integrates across all major platforms, operating systems and browsers. To learn more about the API, visit the platform site.

Social media and mobile communication have transformed business and social norms, and started movements and even revolutions. It is no secret that the same technology can significantly change the way individuals support causes and companies generate awareness. WeWIN constitutes a flexible platform that aims to better engage companies and causes with the stakeholders and benefactors. Simply put, WeWIN's goal is to power the next generation of giving.

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