What Happened to Enterprise Mashups?

Once touted as the future of business intelligence, providing quick and easy access to disparate information in one place, Enterprise Mashups, at least as a term, appear to have fallen out of favor. The topic was once written up in even non-technical publications, but both Google and our directory show it trending down. That brings up the question: what happened to enterprise mashups?

Google Trends, which shows search volume over time, clearly shows a peak in 2008, with a mostly downward trend since. Consider that in 2006 Google put its weight behind the idea with a potential partnership with BEA. By 2008 there was an enterprise mashups conference. And not even a year ago saw the creation of the Open Mashup Alliance.

Our directory shows 184 enterprise APIs, a healthy amount. There's obviously popularity on the provider side. However, we only show 92 enterprise mashups. In fact, only 17 of the enterprise APIs have more than one mashup and 83% of those APIs have no mashups listed in our directory.

One potential explanation is that many enterprise mashups are built to be internal tools. Indeed, some define an enterprise mashup as a secure mashup, which would explain why so few are listed on an open directory.

Social Salesforce

Another reason may be that the term isn't in vogue, while the concept still is. It seems unlikely that, with open APIs becoming more common across the web, apps built for the enterprise would disappear. Could tools like Social Salesforce (pictured above) be the new normal? What do you think is going on?

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