What Just Happened? Gnip’s New Twitter Search API Can Help You Find Out

Sometimes what is happening now is not as important as what happened then. I am speaking of the past and how it can help you piece events together. This what makes Gnip’s newest Twitter search API so powerful.

Gnip is one of the few companies with full access to the Twitter firehouse. It’s new Gnip Search API for Twitter gives enterprise customers instant access to 30 days of Tweets and a deeper understanding of recent Twitter banter.

A benefit of the new API is that it allows more complicated search rules. Real time access to Tweets is great if you are monitoring responses to predictable events. But Gnip's Search API lets you dig deeper so you can respond faster, especially when it comes to unforeseen things.

Imagine, for example, waking up Monday morning to find out something unexpected happened over the weekend in regards to your brand. Gnip's new API can help you research what's been going on those last few days and potentially track down how the whole event transpired via social media.

Chris Moody, CEO of Gnip goes into more detail:

"Until today, a User Experience built on the indexed firehose of Tweets was only available to a select few companies who could afford to build and maintain such a costly product. Gnip is making this available to any product or software company to incorporate into their solution, driving the creation of a whole range of new products."

As reported by GigaOm, Gnip has been working on the search feature for over a year, and plans eventually to include the same type of functions in other social networks, such as Tumblr.

In the news a lot lately due to its upcoming IPO, Twitter is a valuable tool for tapping in on what folks are buzzing about. But it is social analytic tools, such as those offered by Gnip and similar companies like DataSift and Topsy that make the data valuable to companies.

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