What Not To Wear: Make The Right Choice With Dress Code Finder's API

There's nothing that can spoil a night out more quickly than being turned away because you aren't wearing the right kind of jacket, or feeling out of place because you totally missed it on the venue's vibe and style. Well, that's where Dress Code Finder is worth its weight in gold; it's an application that provides detailed dress code information for over 70 000 venues in the US. In addition, the company provides the Dress Code Finder API that allows developers to access this helpful information and integrate it with other applications.


A lot of restaurants, bars and clubs may not have enforced dress codes, but it's still important to know what the overall vibe is so that you can dress accordingly. Dress Code Finder provides specific information about all the venues in its database, with very clear explanations, allowing the user to make educated decisions about what to wear. Whether it's jacket and tie required, jacket preferred, business casual or casual dress, this application has it covered.

The Dress Code Finder API allows for searching of the application's database of dress code information, and returns results in JSON format. The API is currently unauthenticated and subject to usage limits. Those who are interested in making use of this functionality can get more information on the Dress Code Finder website.

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