What Will Be Your After-Dinner App?

In the United States, today is Thanksgiving. Many will gather with family and gorge themselves on turkey, the traditional meat of this holiday. Bellies full, many developers might begin thinking of food and drink-themed apps to build over the holiday weekend. We've decided to give them some ideas and inspiration.

Drink Beer or Drink Wine?

When it comes to the two most popular alcoholic beverages most of the world consumes, wine beats beer. Or, so says our directory of APIs. We list 8 wine APIs compares to only 3 beer APIs.


MyLifeInWine.com is a mashup that helps you to catalog your wine interests and to connect to the selections of other wine drinkers. It uses the Wine.com API.

Dine Out or Dine In?

If you'd rather eat than drink, be sure to check out our 34 food APIs. These can be used to find restaurants, find calories, or find recipes, among other things.

The Foodmarkit

The Foodmarkit is an app that sends personalized healthy recipes to your inbox. Add items that you love to eat like Chinese, apples, or pancakes, and it uses the FatSecret API to find a healthy recipe each day.

There are 5 recipe APIs, but what about if you'd rather dine out? There are also 3 restaurant menu APIs.

So, sleepy, full developers, as you drift to sleep on the couch while the rest of the family plays board games, dream up some great new app. And start working on it tomorrow.


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