WhateverWeb API: Let's Go Mobile!

In a world where high demand and instant gratification is the norm, people are becoming more used to getting things now, and having to wait around for even a better quality product may seem unnecessary. When it comes to web development, the availability of toolkits that help developers to speed up the development process for their clients whilst still maintaining a high level of quality, is really helpful in this regard. WhateverWeb provides this kind of service. It's a mobile application development service that provides a toolkit for developing mobile centred applications. It also provides the WhateverWeb API to to make the whole process even more convenient.


Created by Mobiletech, the goal behind WhateverWeb was to make it easier for developers to create truly adaptive websites; making their websites mobile-friendly. The service achieves this by offering ways to combine best practices from server side and client side via the provision of technology independent APIs and services, creating a smooth transition from desktop centric sites to scalable, adaptive and optimised web experiences.

Using the handy toolkit, developers can benefit from a quick build time with the following benefits:

  • Easy handling of device quirks
  • Increased speed due to less data transferred
  • Pre-processors for images, CSS, JavaScript and even LESS and SASS
  • Online management of services
  • Git powered hosting
  • The ability to write the preferred type of markup
  • The site can be run from anywhere


WhateverWeb's API allows users to fix server side issues and access device information. Users will need to register for an account in order to access the data, and have the option of upgrading to a premium account depending on their needs. Further information is available on WhateverWeb's website.

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