WhatsOnMyBookshelf API: Making Your Used Books Go Further

WhatsOnMyBookshelf is an online book trading application that makes it possible for users to exchange books using a simple point system. For avid readers who have rapidly growing collections of books they've already read, this is a clever little app to help them get their hands on new reads without having to spend any actual cash. WhatsOnMyBookshelf also provides the WhatsOnMyBookshelf API that provides access to this functionality.


More than just a book trading Platform, WhatsOnMyBookshelf also facilitates a book lovers community where people can share ideas and comments, and are connected with others via their similar reading interests. Members register their books on the site and are allocated a point value based on the book's sale price. They can then use these credits to order other books on the site that they may be interested in. Users also have the option to create their own wish lists and are notified by email when a book on that wish list is registered on the site.

The WhatsOnMyBookshelf API has SOAP and REST versions. It makes it possible to authenticate users, get user information, register users and register books by ISBN number. Further information and Documentation is available on the website.

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