When It Comes To Phone Numbers Phoneify Keeps It Real

“Hello, who am I speaking with please?  Is this LoveUrApi007, who’s attempting to register at my site?” Why can’t there be a little more trust on the web?  Have you ever wished that you knew with a little more certainty that user registrations on your website were authentic?   Especially with the amount of telemarketing calls that hit those of us that using land lines, it would be nice to add a little more authenticity to the use of phone numbers in today’s technology.  Phoneify and its Phoneify API is are trying to help.

Phoneify presents an incredibly simple way to check out user submitted phone numbers with either voice or text message verification.  Simply take its phone number submission widget and add it to your site.  After entering their phone number, users receive a verification code by voice call or text message, and enter it into your page.  You can then use the Phoneify RESTful API to check that the verification code is correct and voila, you have a true blue user connected phone number.  Just make sure your XML parser is fired up.

Sometimes you just need one straight forward feature, Phoneify serves it up in this case.  Focus and niche specialty is a great idea when you’re stepping into the telephony API space, which has 135 entries and is still growing!

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