When Text Doesn't Quite Get The Message Across: SayRoom API

The sharing of thousands of online images is a big part of daily social media interaction. Even with the accompanying comments enhanced by expressive punctuation or clever emoticons, however, nothing beats an actual spoken response for an accurate representation of how a person has really responded to an image or what they really think about that image. SayRoom makes this possible by allowing users to actually voice and share their recorded reactions. The service also provides the SayRoom API that allows developers to access these audio messages created by users.


SayRoom can be described as an intuitive audio cloud that provides a way for users to capture their raw emotions and reactions when viewing media from various sources online like Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and more. It works in three basic steps - users can search or browse to find what they're looking for, view the relevant media and then say something in response. The application also enables users to choose between different feeds that may be more relevant to their needs. In addition, every message that passes through the system is analysed and processed in order to decipher speaker sentiments, providing insight as to how people feel about specific products, topics or even locations.

SayRoom's API makes it possible for developers to access the Says (audio messages) left by users via REST calls. Developers will first need to register their application, after which they will receive an API Key. Further information is available on the SayRoom website.

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