Where 2.0 Entries and Winner

Last week We offered a free pass to O'Reilly's Where 2.0 Conference to a randomly selected reader who replied with ideas for mashups they'd most like to see or be most afraid to see. The most afraid to see struck a nerve, especially given the recent press about hackers and mashups. Here's a sampling of the responses:

  • Elaine Nelson: Mashup I’d be afraid to see: flickr data combined with google maps (satellite photos?!) to display path of picture-taking. Maybe combined with google/yahoo calendar to show where you were supposed to be, but ended up at instead.
  • Patrick Tufts: In the category of “Mashups I’d be most afraid to see? I’d like to suggest a Yelp + Google Maps + Craigslist combination where restaurant patrons who have too much food can post it to Craigslist and reach an audience of people who would like a free meal. The resulting company, leftovers.com, would have the hottest IPO this side of eBay.
  • Joseph Hunkins: The Travel Holy Grail Mashup with city information from Wikipedia; pictures of the city using the Flickr API; road Cameras from state DOTs over Google Maps; weather/traffic information from Yahoo Traffic; geolocated blog content using the upcoming technorati API and/or existing blog/map mashes, and onboard navigation Integration.

The initial winner was Andrew Bidochko, the creator of the very useful MapBuilder.net tool that makes it easy to make Google Maps mashups. But he wasn't able to make it on short notice and generously offered his ticket to fellow mashup developer Jeff Marshall, creator of excellent mashups like Hot-or-Not + Google Maps and RealEstateFu. The conference starts tomorrow in San Jose and should be quite interesting.

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