Where Do We Lead the APIs of Tomorrow? API Craft Aims to Find Out

API Craft - a new conference event planned for late July in Detroit - wants to create a common future vision amongst API developers. Independently organized by Apigee staffers Brian Mulloy, Kevin Swiber and Scott Regan, API Craft will be held from July 29 – 31 in Detroit Michigan at the central city location of 1555 Broadway Street.

API Craft asks “where do we lead the APIs of tomorrow?” Co-organizer Kevin Swiber told ProgrammableWeb that those who consider themselves API trendsetters should attend:

"API trendsetters care about solving real problems in our connected world. They're opinionated and experienced, but are open to new ways of thinking. They participate in forming new theories about API design and are natural evangelists of API benefits and best practices."

API Craft organizers have asked attendees to leave their business pitch at home along with any corporate identity role and instead come together as a community of API technologists and innovators to imagine the API worldview of tomorrow.

Kevin Swiber explains the events goals:

"There are many options on the table when it comes to API design and little guidance on how to determine the best fitting solution to common problems. Competing standards and interpretations create a large knowledge base for API Crafters to study.

This conference is strictly for technologists interested in the API movement. The goal is to bring our great online community together in-person and figure out where we lead the APIs of tomorrow from a technical perspective. As new requirements and opportunities for API are realized, it's our job to figure out how to scale, evolve, and secure the software systems that will help build the future. The API Craft Conference will provide a way for us to meet face-to-face to discuss these important issues."

Keeping up with recent innovation trends in the API community, the API Craft agenda will be set at the event opening by all those in attendance. The API sector seems to be particularly drawn to innovative, disruptive event models. Mehdi Medjaoui, co-organizer of the API Days event series, recently posted a blog explanation as to why API Days utilizes an open source model to conference organizing. API Craft will use an open space technology format, more akin to an Occupy movement’s agenda-setting and collaborative decision-making approach:

“We are using the Open Space Technology format for the conference,” Kevin Swiber said. “We have big goals to achieve, and this requires the individual participation of each attendee. Most conferences promote an eyes-on-the-expert experience. With the format of API Craft Conference, we are all on the same level and each interaction is equally important.

Attendees are empowered to lead conversations of their choosing. They are encouraged to attend sessions for which they are interested and to leave conversations for which they are not.

Creating far-reaching, impactful change requires a community of smart, passionate people brainstorming problems and dreaming up solutions. Attendees get to be a part of that. Through the community, we improve the industry.”

Registration for API Craft is currently still open. For those unable to attend, all session proceedings will be made available online, free of charge after the event. API developers can also join the API Craft Google Group to talk about issues in API development.

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