WhereIsMyTransport Launches API Access to its Transport Technology Platform

WhereIsMyTransport, a South African transport technology company, has launched an API that collates transit data for consumption by third party apps and services. The data is run through an analytics engine and paired with communication tools that provide apps and services with journey mapping capability that much of the developed world takes for granted. Inefficiencies in commuter transport across the developing world cause inordinate costs to commuters that WhereIsMyTransport aims to alleviate.

"The Platform that we are launching today is the first open platform for integrating transit data in the emerging world," Devin de Vries, WhereIsMyTransport co-founder, commented in a press release. "It creates a foundation for cities and innovators to bring much needed access and information about mobility to millions of people. It's also just the beginning for us at WhereIsMyTransport as we work to empower people to get where they want to go."

The platform combines data from static and real-time sources on both formal and informal transportation modes (e.g. city buses, metro systems, and privately owned buses and taxis). In turn, the platform can map and analyze any mode of transportation to assist in journey-planning. Such journey-planning easily integrates with web apps and mobile apps through the API. Use case scenarios include fare estimators, infrastructure planning estimates, journey optimization, and much more.

Currently, the platform includes formal transport data for a number of South African cities (i.e. Johannesburg, Shawane, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, George, and East London), Cairo, and Dar es Salassm, Tanzania. Informal transit data is being added from Nairobi with other cities soon to come. Apps can create journeys, calculate fares, access public transport, and communicate quickly through the API.

WhereIsMyTransport is dedicated to enhancing transport technology in emerging economies. Its API approach to platform development will allow WhereIsMyTransport to quickly expand its data footprint to new geographies as agencies in such geographies are willing to share such data. WhereIsMyTransport focuses on three primary audiences (i.e. cities, operators, and commuters). To learn more about the platform, visit the developer site

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