Whipplehill: Helping Schools Make the Grade with First-in-Class Administration SaaS

A gazzilllion students with their own schedules, grades, and attendance records, is the administrative hairball that every parent sees, but that's only the tip of any school's organizational iceberg. Whipplehill helps over 300 k-12 independent schools around the world manage everything from calendars to accessing instructional resources.

The SOAP- and REST-based interfaces of the Whipplehill API allow partners to communicate with Whipple's Platform, Podium.

Podium also hosts a calendar, news updates and many features listed in the graphics above. But it's Wipplehill's partners that make up its  ecosystem. Together they provide an impressive array of tools and services focused on academics, analytics, athletics, content and several other categories. Each partner's description and sometimes demo video (Aperture, for example) helps educators in the schools get up and running. The point is to offer a diverse set of resources and then some,

"Our goal is to create an open market for innovation in the K-12 space in which the best ideas rise to the top. Schools are then served by multiple companies under one umbrella...Our Ecosystem is not simply a list of links to trusted members and partners; it has more substance to it. We work with our partners to mutually develop the proper connections that deliver added functionality to [the] platform."

Whipplehill takes its schools' needs seriously, with frequent blogposts to discuss upcoming feature enhancements to what looks like a quickly evolving set of tools and services. Finally, the concept of organized time management isn't only something to lecture students on. Now, Whipplehill's educators can more easily practice what they teach.

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